Monday, January 24, 2011

Some weekends.....

Sometimes you have a few days in this game where things just go right. You just have to enjoy it when it happens because they dont come along often. Dont think the weekend could have gone much better really. United and Barcelona scoring in the first 2 minutes of their matches, own goals went my way in the Blackburn and AC Milan matches, Besiktas thump Bucaspor on Friday, Real scrape a lucky victory and the one bet I did lose was when I lowered my stakes. It was just one of those weekends and it has put me back in profit for January which never looked likely on several occasions this month.

I was really just going with form. Utd have dropped 2 points at home all season so I was happy with 1.23. Madrid have dropped no points at home this season so again I was happy to take 1.2ish even though it was a struggle for them. Barca at 1.07 were a bit short but they've only dropped 4 points at home all season and they last dropped points in October. The correct score on the Blackburn match was a bit of a punt as was Besiktas on Friday but they've made some impressive signing in the transfer window and could potentially prove to be a very profitable team to get behind for the rest of the season. Disappointing to lose out on the Inter match particularly after they had taken the lead but Udinese are a quality side. Di Natale and Sanchez always looked threatening and they could have won by more than the 2 goals. Thankfully I only bet small on that one. Things just went that way for me.

Not really sure about the Bolton Chelsea match tonight. Its very very tricky. Chelsea usually do very well at the Reebok but Bolton have been solid this season and Chelsea are most certainly not. Do I dare ruin the good work by getting involved or is the luck going my way at the moment?? Knowing me I'll probably get involved! Good luck everyone! Cheers!

Friday, January 21, 2011

January Struggles

Been a tough month so far but Im on somewhat of a recovery at the moment. Its tough to know where to begin. I've been up and down so many times I'm actually quite relieved to not have lost more. The lowest I was down was over 500ish but Im back to about half that now. The matches that have cost me so far this month are Spurs v Utd, l'arse ipswich and wolves chelsea. Just making the wrong choices at the wrong times. Also lost a few quid on an Atletico match in the correct score market. Not felt too clever on several occasions this month. I also forgot about the few quid I lost on the darts until uploading the screen shot. 

On a positive note, my last few bets this week have netted me around 240 without having to do too much and if betfair didnt go down yesterday it would have been more! Bloody ridiculous Betfair. Words cant even describe them at times. "Planned Maintenance" when really the site has done its conkers. Cheeky gits I also went each way on kauto star last saturday. Thanks for hanging on McCoy when Kauto decided to plough through the last instead of jumping it! Cant believe they want to race him at Cheltenham but anyway we'll see what happens. I thought Binocular looked amazing but I'm not that big into the horses. It all happens too quickly for my liking. And the moaning that takes place on the betfair forum when a horse doesnt win. Jesus its laughable. So many threads stating Kauto would have won if it was Ruby and its all McCoys fault??!!!  Great stuff. Could have sworn I saw Ruby on his ass at Cheltenham thanks to Kauto.....

I have a feeling that the coming weekend is going to be a big one. I dont know why. Its got that make or break feel to it. Could still end the month in profit or else do more damage. After a great December Im still feeling in pretty good shape although work is getting tough and Im having to spend alot of time with the other half. Its all about balance! Hopefully everyone else is getting on well. Good luck! Cheers!

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year

Up and down start to the New Year. Was sitting on €100 profit from football on New Years Day and lost it all on the darts so as we've learnt in the past week this darts lark just ain't for me! Well at least we know that now! I love watching it but when it comes to betting on it I just seem to make the wrong calls....

So just left it to the football yesterday and upped my stakes a little because well I just felt like it! Barca didn't exactly make for easy viewing yesterday but I won and thats the main thing. They're really not the same without Messi are they?? Even when Xavi, Iniesta, Pedro and Villa play, they're still not the same without the Argentine wizard. The Chelsea match also put me through the motions because I was betting on it and because I really didn't want to see them win. You have to really love this game sometimes though. The prat JT thinks he's won them the match and then the Chelsea defenders decide to have a game of musical statues to celebrate their 3 points, the only problem is the bloody game wasn't over.... Honestly, how much time did Clarke have to nod in the equaliser?? The lad could have whipped out his pipe, slippers and swirled a brandy and the Chelsea defenders still wouldn't have reacted in time. Glorious. Having trouble uploading the screen shot but one is coming!

More football on again tonight so hopefully we can find a winner two to keep us moving along. Im up about 700ish for my last 30 days which im happy with considering i missed some weekends betting because I was away and I was playing with lower stakes. Im also considering entering the online poker world to see if it can be any way profitable. Any thoughts or tips would be most welcome. Good luck everyone. Cheers!