Tuesday, August 31, 2010


12 hours and 10 minutes of watching tennis today. Jesus its tiring. Good thing I actually like the sport!! Started out with a back of Davydenko and went from there. Was relatively happy with how he performed last week and Russell doesnt really have much to his game and has never won a match at the US Open. Apart from the early scare, once davy found his range he really bossed the match. Was very impressive so he was. I love watching denko play. Obviously he'll have his gash days but when he's good he's so good! Hit some cracking winners today and even his serve looked alright throughout. Think he can really go far but we'll have to wait and see.

Won some money on Kim and Roddick. Something doesnt quite sit well with me about Roddick at the moment. I cant quite figure it out. The odd clueless charge to the net, the dodgy volleys, the lack of gameplan at times. Obviously he came through comfortably today but Robert really was pants. Watched the guy last week and he was woeful. Knew my money was safe in that match. Will be watching with interest when Roddick comes up against someone decent. Wouldnt be backing him in the outrights anyway...

Was glad to see Dent do well. Seems like a nice enough guy and has it rough with injury. Makes the most of his talent and has some fight in him. Falla though... Tough to know what he was playing at during stages of the match. I actually like the guys game when he gets it right but really faded away badly once things didnt go his way. Heart the size of a pea.

Had to watch the Belluci match. I always watch him when he plays and wasnt surprised at what we got today... Big serves, some cracking winners and then some atrocious errors. Backing him is a bit of an ordeal. I love watching him play though and I rate him very highly. Have watched most of his matches over the past year. I just wish he would rein himself in, particularly on his returns. Lost count of the amount of times he pelted a second serve long today! Maybe its a brazilian ritual... If he just got it back in play and started the point from there he would break far more regularly imo. He never just misses with an error though. Its either dumped in the net or a mile long. As I said, its an ordeal. But then he used his head at times throwing in some cracking dropshots as well as some winners that were out of this world. I really think he's a Berdych in the making if he finds the right balance in his game. At 22 time is on his side. Will have to wait and see. Has never gotten passed the second round in this tournament. Anderson next up wont be easy...

Also credit to the Juan Carlos Ferrero 1.21 backers! They must have enjoyed their afternoon immensely as he pissed through his match against some young lad who has only won 3 matches in total in grand slams. It was an awesome price for a former champion against such an inexperienced player but I just thought it was too good to be true. Also Ferrero hasnt played in a few weeks due to injury and his girlfriend gave birth recently so I wasnt sure of his preparation. Was happier at the time to be watching and backing Davy. It can be frustrating at times with a slam when all these matches cross each other and you miss out but thats the way it is!

Also pleasing to see Inter not winning. The Rafa influence kicking in already! In fairness, I think they would take the draw. Bologna away first up was never ideal.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

The good start continues and the end of the week

Alright so I've only been blogging for a couple of days but being thats its sunday night we'll say that its the end of my first week!

Another successful day and the profit for the weekend is below. The riskiest bet I had was barca so it was extremely pleasing when they took the lead after 2 minutes! Its been that sort of weekend really. Might as well enjoy it because I've had my fair share of bad ones. Won some money as well on Ajax and layed west brom against liverpool who were brutal in all honesty. West Brom could have easily had two penalties in the first half, as I said, that sort of weekend for me! Managed to sneak a tenner out of the madrid game to finish off the evening. Delighted they didnt win as well! Jose was seething by the end! Missed some really good chances but fair play to mallorca. One of the tougher away games you're going to get in la liga. Would never back anyone against them at home.

Also managed to watch portos and AC Milans games tonight. My laptop had about 5 different screens open! Was an orgy of football! Very impressed with portos start to the season. This manager definitely has something about him. Andres Villas Boas. Apparently he's the new Mourinho. Was assistant to Jose at Porto and Chelsea and did very well with Academica last season. They were bottom when he took over and they finished 11th. Anyway, he has porto playing well and they are looking like a good team to have on your side if you're looking for a bet. Certainly more reliable than benfica at the moment.

US Open starts tomorrow as well. Hoping for another profitable grand slam!! Wimbledon went really well for me so lets hope I can have a similar result over the next 2 weeks! Not sure will I be trading every day for the 2 weeks because I could have job interviews coming up in Dublin but we'll see how it goes!

Im also loving the Tevez miss today! Take a bow Carlos! :D

Just the start I wanted

A busy Saturday so it was. Bet on 5 matches across 3 different leagues and managed to end up with a profit on all of them. Thankfully there were no alarms in any of the matches either. Well Benfica getting the keeper sent off wasnt ideal but once Setubal missed that penalty it was curtains for them.

Premier league was fairly standard today with the big 3 all delivering the goods. Tougher weeks lie ahead surely and I'll have to be betting smarter but for now Im delighted with the start I've gotten off to.

Bit of a surprise Roma not winning. I cant remember too many times I've traded a Roma match but I was in control and it ended up being a handy 20 euro. Cesena were impressive though and if they play like they did today then they will cause teams alot of bother and might well stay in Serie A.

A huge day ahead tomorrow. Dont have a clue what Im going to bet on. Last night I had planned out what I was going to bet on so it made things alot easier and meant I didnt rush into anything stupid and didnt let the adrenaline take over!! Barca, Madrid, City, Liverpool, Ajax, Juventes, AC Milan, Porto all in action tomorrow. Hopefully I'll make the right choices and make it a successful weekend!


Saturday, August 28, 2010

First post....

Right so, decided to start a gambling blog. Im hoping that blogging will help me become more disciplined and also its the start to a new football season so its a good time to start the blog. Lets hope for a bit of luck and a few wins along the way! Mainly bet on football and tennis. I watch alot of cricket but have never had much success when trying to make a profit on it! Good luck!