Thursday, October 28, 2010

And We're Back

I think that when you have a small break away that you cant go hell for leather on your first few bets otherwise you can do your nuts in and have no bank left!! The Carling Cup usually doesnt interest me from a betting perspective but after Wengers comments last night about him feeling the pressure about needing to win a trophy I had to get involved.

Didnt bet big with this one obviously because after all its still the Carling Cup and it is l'arse! I hope utd and arsenal can avoid each other until the final. Nobody else of note is left. Well Aston Villa but you wouldnt fancy them over the two legs against Utd or Arsenal.

Looking forward to the weekend already. Alot of matches to potentially make a profit on. Does anyone else find that when they're not involved for a couple of weeks they look at matches and think, shit I could have made a profit on that! Like last weekend, Chelsea, Utd, Arsenal, Barca, Real, Benfica, Porto all win. Even Liverpool managed to sneak a win!! This week now they'll probably all go back to muggery! Ha! Still looking forward to it though!

Monday, October 25, 2010


Sorry folks. Been very quiet the past couple of weeks. Obviously when a betting blog all of a sudden goes quiet the initial thought is, oh dear the blogger has done his conkers and thats the end of that. Thats not the case here thankfully. I've moved into a new appartment in Dublin so with rent, deposit and the general time and expense involved with a move, gambling just hasnt been possible. I am glad to say that we'll be getting back on the horse next weekend so Im looking forward to getting back in the game.

I think the blog has been interesting so far. Its a fair representation of what most gamblers go through imo. Really good runs, over confidence, bad loss, work hard to win it back, bad loss again, anger for being such a tit! Im happy enough with my football strategies and will continue with them for now. Im also thinking of doing a 100 to ??? challenge alongside my normal betting just to see what happens. Could be fun. We'll see.

I think football is calming down alot now. Barca and Madrid winning at a canter now in Spain. The traditional big 4 in england all winning this week. Benfica are winning again relatively comfortably in Portugal. Italy is a bit more open but Inter will win the league this year. The challengers just arent up to scratch. I find Germany tough to play with. Bayern just cant seem to get going at all. When they do I'll be happy to throw a few euro at them but they're just not looking like going on a run at the moment. Another 0-0 on Friday night.

So anyway exciting times! And speaking of apologies, I think the whole Rooney episode was just shambolic. The statement on Wednesday was a "fuck you" to the supporters, the current squad and the future of the club as well as the manager. Now on Friday its the greatest club in the world. What a dick. I would have been happy to see him move on tbh if thats how he felt. His form has been atrocious anyway. Even in his MUTV interview on Friday he still didnt apologise to the fans. Anyway, he's staying for now. Should stick the granny shagger out on the left again when he returns to fitness. See how he likes that. Hernandez has more goals in him than Rooney anyway imo! I cant get this stupid tune out of my head! Good luck everyone!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thats a bit better

After my last post I was thinking that I want to make a bit more than 22 quid over the international period so I decided to step it up a bit. Nothing major but just work a little harder to find some wins. Just because Im working doesnt mean I cant still go for it! Im trying not to get too negative either.

I felt that the correct score market was the best way to go on the france match on saturday. Can never be to sure on match odds because of the young french side and the dodgy romanians. Im really getting fond of the correct score market. I can see myself going there alot more in the future. Match odds can just piss you off sometimes!

So onto last night then. So many matches to choose from. Even more than Saturday. I already decided on Monday night that I was going to lay Ireland. I was just too tempted. Got lucky in the end to be fair but you take your chances and I'll get my share of bad luck along the way. I wasnt too worried about the early Irish goal. Was always confident they would concede. But if Keane scores that penalty before half time, I think we hold out for the win. Dont think Slovakia had a second in them. Just one of those things. I bet on Ireland not to win and we didnt....

Made a bit of extra quid on Spain and Portugal as well. Bit of a shock Scotland pulling it back to 2-2 but Spain got the job done in the end. Portugal were very comfortable. A satisfying night in all. 3 bets 3 wins. So I've made €273 in my bets since moving up here. Very happy with that considering I've only had international football to play with and I've been here 10 days! Looking forward to really going for it at the weekend. Lots of football on so lets hope for more wins. Good luck.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

The working world....

Christ working is a pain in the arse. I mean it really is. You know the way in about a boy, hugh grants character says: I would work but I wouldnt have time to do anything else. How right he was. Finding Dublin alright. Theres a pretty good buzz around the city but theres alot of beggers as well. Never got them in galway. Every small street and every atm there is somebody holding a cup wanting a few quid. Its a bit depressing sometimes but thats the way it is. 50 minutes in and out on the bus is a bit annoying but im looking for somewhere along the luas line so hopefully that shit will be over soon and i wont have to get up at quarter to 7 and come home 13 hours later.... Might still have to though. Balls...

The job is ok... Still dont really know what im at so im very weary. Marketing executive for a software company that provides reference data distribution products to financial institutions??? Jaysus!! And everyone there is in their late 30's or early 40's so I look well out of place. A 21 year old bullshitter with a shirt and tie who constantly goes to the kitchen to top up his coffee cup. Oh I can tell they're thinking "who the fuck is this chancer??" The CEO likes me though. Thats the main thing. Once I have him on my side Im laughing. His office is looking right out onto my desk so Im really having to pretend to look busy for 9 hours a day. And nobody leaves at half 5. Not one person. So then I cant leave at half 5!! These software dudes are really into their work. All in their own little world. Ah I'll get used to the place.

There really was nothing to bet on this week was there?? Certainly not from a football perspective. And when there was, every fecking match was on at the same time or overlapping. Thats the problem with the euro qualifiers. You're going to miss out on some matches that you could make a winning on. Oh I miss the world cup qualifying schedule. Sexy so it was. You'd start with Asia in the morning or maybe Australia. Then the euro ones go right through the day and were all spaced out nicely. Then at night you'd have south america. A good 16 hour orgy of football at least. Perfect. The only money i made was 22 quid on spain. Ah I'll take it. Even if i was sitting at home in front of the laptop all day I wouldnt have won much more. I would kill for a good weekend of betting right now but it will have to wait until next week! More euro qualifiers coming up as well so hopefully i can find another few quid to sneak into the old back pocket. Dublin is so bloody expensive. In Galway I would always hand in a fiver for my pint and wait for my change. In Dublin I handed in my fiver and the barman looked at me as if I had aids or something. Paying more than a fiver for a pint?? Feck off. Back to Galway tonight for a 21st. Stone walls and the grass is green! Yes that will do nicely. Do I dare have a flutter on the darts?? We'll see. Good luck everyone.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

New blog objective

Well, today is the first full day in dublin so celebrated as usual by trading football! Wahey!! In all seriousness, the objective of the blog has changed slightly. We'll call the last 5 weeks a trial run but we're now into real stuff. The move to dublin means I will actually have to pay for everything rather than just being a leech at home. I will have to take a serious look at the gambling and see if it is beneficial while working at the same time. If not, then a decision will have to be made but today went fine.

Think I combined my 2 main football strategies well today. Played correct score on the Chelsea match and then match odds on the 2 spanish matches. No alarms thankfully. Bit of a surprise that Barcelona didnt win but they havent really been themselves this season. Pep says he thinks they're playing better than ever but he seriously cant believe that? 70% possession in the first half and 1-1 at half time? If Barca were really on it the match would have been out of sight by the time Mallorca managed to sneak one. Seems strange to start with Mach and Keita in midfield at home to a side that are set up to take the draw. I suppose with Xavi out there werent many other options. It just didnt look right. That puts alot of pressure on Iniesta. Villa being suspended as well doesnt help matters. Ah sure, they'll click again at some point, hopefully....

On to the second spanish match and Madrid are starting to look a little more impressive. An early goal always helps in a match like that an it was just a cakewalk in the end. It didnt really teach us anything more about madrid or the mourinho project. It could work out very nicely for the special one. If barca continue to struggle then who knows what could happen. If it was the last 2 seasons, he would have had no chance. Luck of a black cat that lad. He is fecking entertaining though. I'll give him that.

So the new job tomorrow. Christ I dont know what Im at. Not a clue. Lets hope it goes smoothly and its a bit of craic as well. Excited but worried at the same time. Just like gambling so! Another step to the top or a complete disaster?? Ah well, lets just enjoy the ride and see what happens. Good luck.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Dublin awaits!

Happy enough to continue the fightback. I always feel like i can pick out where to make a few quid in the champions league but its all about getting the job done rather than just saying it.

Barca Kazan match was up and down. Barca should have gone ahead a few times then give away a pen. They get a pen of their own in the second half and look like they're going to go on and win it but Rubin should have actually snuck it in the end. Was happy to get out with my 20 euro profit. Then on to Valencia Utd...

Interesting that alot of "experts" said utd didnt play well. I think if you examine the second half the main points would be a good save when berba was through 1 on 1, Chicharito hitting the post and Chicharito scoring.... I may be biased but clear cut Valencia chances were few and far between. They looked threatening and sent in alot of good crosses but I thought Rio and Vidic dealt with everything reasonably well. Perfect away performance?? Defend well and sneak it at the end?? It beats being 1-3 up and conceding twice in the last minute. Anyway, another 30 gained so thanks for coming!

Decided to be slightly more aggressive last night in the second match. Nothing major but managed to win 48 on the correct score market in the city juve game. Something I definitely want to try more and more of. Had a small lay of liverpool earlier in the day. How could I not? Atrocious team. Only thing better than seeing another dire Liverpool performance is winning a few bob on it.

Had my first tennis bet today as well since the US Open. In Rafas last 9 matches I've won money on 8 of them! Oh how I love the bull! It was handy just finding an extra few quid from somewhere apart from football. Was only 9 euro but still, a win is a win. Im having trouble uploading screen shots lately but I'll give a weekly one on Sunday hopefully!

So Im heading to Dublin tomorrow and starting work on Monday! Scary indeed. Potentially life changing. The job worries me alot because what the company does is so bloody complicated! Anyway, time to grab the bull by the horns and go for it! Im not sure what implications this will have on the gambling. Have never had to pay rent before or anything like that. Obviously things wont be the same as they were when I was in college. Staying up until all hours betting on Copa Libertadores and tennis. Good times. Maybe the best of times, but they couldnt last forever. The thing thats going in my favour is that football is my main sport of choice for betting and it fits nicely around the working mans schedule! I will probably have to apply a bit more care to my bets if Im fighting for my life! We'll see. I wouldnt mind a day out in the trading rooms either. Supposed to be very swish indeed.

Im living with my sister for the first week or two until I find somewhere closer to work. Thats not ideal either but its the way it is. Im working just off St Stephens Green so if anybody knows a good place to look they can let me know! I'll miss Galway. Its not perfect by any means but it is home and always will be. Although a change of scenery could lead to greater things. These are interesting times! Good luck everyone.