Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Champions League Outright

Had a few quid on Barca at 3 at the weekend. I felt it was important to get the money in around weekend time as once the buildup began to the midweek matches began I thought I wouldn't get that price. Hopefully it will be even shorter after tonight!!!

Realistically I cant see anyone taking them out over 2 legs. Im not going with all the media hype surrounding the Barca team, its just my own opinion based on watching all their matches this season and the standard of opposition left in the draw. Second favourites Real were owned by Barca and have been very unimpressive all season really. An unbelievable dependence on CR7 to win them matches. Chelsea 3rd favourites is a bit ridiculous considering their freefall over the last few months. As a Utd fan I think 10 is an alright price but the team still hasnt performed to a high level this season although number 19 is well on the way. Against Barca I would be cacking it!

Nothing else to speak of really. Spurs playing well but Milan were just awful last night. Inter have lost the solidity of last season as another Benitez project ends in disaster. Leonardo hasnt fared that well in management although he is a great looking individual! Bayern to possibly go far again as Robben and Ribery are now fit and the league is already finished for them (13 points behind the leaders) so possibly something to look at there... Anyway everyone will have different opinions on these things. Thats the beauty of it! Good luck everyone! Cheers!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

January Roundup and February 50's

Somehow managed to finish January in profit. It was just such a chaotic month. I went from being down 500-600 euro on 3 separate occasions throughout the month and somehow fighting back thanks to a huge amount of luck. I had late penalties, missed penalties, own goals, mistakes, screamers and comebacks all go my way. Not sure my heart could take anymore of the January madness.

I've been thinking alot about January and why it proves to be a difficult month for punters. Maybe its the desperation to start the new year so well. Maybe trying to win some money after an expensive Christmas. Or maybe there is just too much to choose from. On paper it should be a good month. Halfway through the football leagues across Europe so lots of form to rely on. Tennis traders get 2 weeks of the Oz open. Cricket traders get truckloads of action in January. NFL. Horse Racing. Golf, Too much going on?? You could argue that for lots of months though. Or maybe its just a jinxed month and it will always be one of those things..... Personally I think its a psychological thing and gamblers are expecting the shit to hit the fan at some stage in the month. I know thats how I was certainly feeling.

Anyway, February started off far more relaxed. Was really enjoying some of the odds that were going around. Utd at 1.37ish against Villa and Liverpool were way overpriced last night. Stoke on the road are just..... Also got involved in the Barca match. It was dangerous as they were already through and lost the second leg against Betis a couple of weeks back but this had a different feel to it. Pep is one of those managers that always wants the team to be winning even if its a meaningless second leg tie against a crap side. He talked about how disappointed he was with losing to Betis the last time so I was confident. 1.4ish was fine by me.

All 4 bets in February have won me 50 so Im starting to think I mush have a fetish for that particular number. Ah sure its a nice round figure isnt it?? Keep the 50's stacking up and I wont be complaining. "If we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything is ready, we shall never begin." I dont know where that came from but its todays quote on my calendar. Good luck everyone! Cheers!