Thursday, June 2, 2011


And we're back. Apologies for not posting anything last month but a mixture of returning back to college, plagiarising my final project, a slight pregnancy scare and pretending to work has kept me too busy to do anything on the gambling front until this week.

Always a strange feeling when the Summer hits. The amount of tennis is exciting and I've gotten back the enjoyment of watching test match cricket but in truth football is what its all about for me and thats gone for the next few months so its disappointing. Got my champions league outright winnings which was pleasing. Dear me how good are Barca? For Utd to get to 1-1 at half time was an achievement in itself. The problem is they will be terrible odds in most matches next season and in the outright markets. Anyway we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. As a Utd fan getting to 19 titles  was excellent and even getting to the Champions League final was good but never enjoyable when your team gets absolutely destroyed. All talk from David Gill is that Utd are going to have a busy Summer. We'll wait and see.....

Onto the tennis this week. Didnt do anything at all in the first week of the French Open. The schedule makes it very difficult to trade during work. Layed Troicki when he was serving for the match (seen it all before, Viktor playing well and then choking when its crunch time). And then backed Rafa against Soderling. Honestly 1.37 for Rafa in a quarter final at RG against Sodertart who has had an average season. If Rafa had lost and they were playing again tomorrow I'd still back at that price.

Alot of talk on the various blogs about backing 1.01. Green All Over, Gambler Falls and Sport is Made for Betting all giving excellent views. I must admit that I've been there before and more than once I have watched in horror as I've been taken to the cleaners by a "dead cert!". Its all about mindset. The arguement of "if you have 1000 why risk it all for a tenner" is a good one but gambling is impulsive. Do any of us really need to do it? Some perhaps. If we were rational and intelligent all the time then we would probably close our betfair accounts and call it a day. The availability of a 1.01 leads people into thinking that its a definite winner and as such they risk the large sum for measly returns imo.  Of course this has to come off 100 times before you breakeven which in itself is tougher than finding good value bets. But Im not against it. If someone thinks 1.01 is value then good luck to them and I dont take any pleasure in 1.01's getting destroyed because if you're only enjoyment from betting is watching others doing their conkers then you are a bit of a tit. Everybody has lost before so we all know what it feels like. Most people learn (probably the hard way) that its not worth the torment in the long run. Good luck everyone! Cheers.