Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Well, how are you? Well? Good. Now lets carry on. 22 today, a grand age. Its been a really crazy few weeks on all fronts and I dont really know where to begin.. Lets start with the gambling as thats really what the blog is here for..

After looking like things were settling down on the match odds front, its all of a sudden become shocks galore again. Bar United and of course the top 2 in Spain there isnt really anyone you can hang your hat on. Spurs at the Lane have also been good to me. Mostly I've been playing around with correct score. I feel like I can make bigger winnings on match odds as the last week would show but I feel correct score is safer and more reliable so Im trying to combine the two the best I can. Flexibility is the key and I always feel that if I have 2 strategies that Im confident with, I only need to time them correctly. Or even combine them in the same match if Im feeling flirtatious! Confidence is pretty good at the moment and hopefully a good december can set me up to hit the new year in very good form. I've also started lowering my stakes while still making a decent profit so thats another important step I think. I always used to be one of these people who thought you have to bet really big to make a decent profit but Im now risking only a third of what I used to and still hit around 300 this week so I cant really ask for much more than that. I havent had a look around the other blogs to see how others are getting on but hopefully nobody is doing their conkers this close to xmas. I imagine the new year brings renewed optimism for gamblers who have had a tough run.... I know I've certainly had the same thoughts only to have a stinking January....

Now then, onto Ireland, just the 85 billion to borrow so it is. Its tough to actually take in everything thats going on. Im not big into politics but the realisation of how fucked this country is has finally started to sink in for me. The announcement of saving 15 billion last week hasnt gone down too well but I actually dont have too many arguements on whats been proposed. Cutting the minimum wage by a euro isn't ideal but we have one of the highest minimum wages in europe anyway. Certainly no harm in cutting all these resource teachers either. What do they actually do??? In fact teachers should be hit harder imo.... What other profession do you walk into after 3 years in college and start earning around 30k??? There should be a scale surely?? And teachers that are just subbing earn just as much! The corporation tax had to stay the same otherwise we would be in even bigger trouble. Anyway, Im no expert on these things but we will never see the likes of the Celtic Tiger again. A shame I was a bit too young to make hay but at least I didn't end up with some ridiculous mortgage or something like that. I have my car and for now I have my job. Cant complain too much.

Personal life is going pretty good too but it can be tough to balance everything. In the past I've just chosen sports and gambling over everything and theres no craic to that really. Dublin has evened things up on that front although there are times when you're out and you think of a match that you could be making potential winnings on. Just have to try really hard and not focus on something that could be happening and look at what is happening. Whats happening tonight is El Classico! Cant wait. Leaning towards Barca on this one as they're really looking in the mood and Madrid away from home in the league have done just about enough in their matches. They're definitely a different team under Jose though and I love the fact that he has got a settled starting 11 that he never changes unless necessary. Might play correct score tonight.Good luck everyone!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

7 Days in The Sun

Been a mad 7 days really. My intention was to work back slowly picking up a tenner here or there but thats not really how it goes is it?? As I've said on numerous occasions, Im happy with my strategies and have full belief in them and I will put my money where my mouth is (most of the time!!). The key for me is to not get over confident and then end up chasing a stupid loss! You've heard it all before folks!

I didnt really plan to be so aggressive but I was just happy with the way the fixtures fell and confidence just kept growing. Similar to my last post, its important to build on this. It reminds me of a line out of the sun screen song, "don’t congratulate yourself too much or berate yourself either – your choices are half chance, so are everybody else’s." The week has gone well but whats done is done, time to look ahead.

I said in my last post that I didnt fancy Utd but once I saw the starting 11 I was very happy to get involved. Not a great night for the ABU's was it?? Utd still unbeaten this season, virtually assured of CL qualification and there couldnt have been three worse scorers for the bitters: Fletcher (only in the side because he's scottish and fergies lovechild), Obertan (Bordeaux reject) and Bebe (homeless dude). Dear oh dear, what do the ABU's do now?? Rooney shags grannies will be their most intellectual respsonse.... Sneaked 15 on the Barca match as well. Pleasing scenes all round.

Not sure I'll be able to bet much on Saturday as I have arranged a meet up with a female.... I have somewhat of a confession to make... Like Wayne I'm intrigued by the older lady. Young ones are just so full of shit and Im sick of their fucking mind games. So I've managed to arrange this meet up with an older one. Not too old as I dont want someone who has some wear and tear to them... Still not 100% sure it will go ahead as she's having doubts but like Del Boy says "Play it cool Trigg my son, you know what I mean? Play it cool." But if it does go ahead and things go well then it will definitely be something that is crossed off my bucket list! Interesting times. Oh and working 9-5:30 is shit. Already I feel institutionalised! Good luck everyone!



Monday, November 1, 2010

Now is the time!

Finally I have a weekend where I brought home the bacon! Feels like ages since I've delivered. I've probably had more profitable weekends but this was very satisfying indeed. A combination of essentially my 3 strategies (backing, laying and correct score) all coming good just when I needed them the most.

I've been in this position before where I've had a decent run and to see all my profits pissed away soon after so Im not doing backflips or running around the appartment naked screaming "Im the King" just yet because gambling always comes back to bite you in the ass when you think you're on top of it. I've had to learn that the hard way so many times its untrue. But I've given myself a platform and something to build on.

Make no mistake about it, as Denman pointed out in one of my previous posts, now is the time to be trying to make money on football. For the second week in a row, an 8 fold of Utd, Chelsea, l'arse, Liverpool, Barca, Real, Porto and Benfica would have landed! Obviously its not just as simple as backing the favourites every week and sitting back to count your winnings but teams are becoming far more reliable now and you also have form stats to work with now. Bilbao are also looking very strong at home. Always entertaining matches there. Cant see them hanging on to Llorente for much longer. A big bid will come from somewhere in Januart or the Summer and that will be that. Was a bit surprised that Real Salt Lake lost the first leg of their play off on Saturday night. Cant remember the last time they have lost a match. They're usually very reliable. Lucky for me I wasnt involved. Next week could be a different story.

Bayern also may have kickstarted their season on Friday night. They really had no other option. Im still not going to be piling into them just yet as without Ribery and Robben they're still likely to frustrate but signs of improvement at least.

I dont know how to play the next couple of nights of Champions League. I have that feeling that Utd will send out a weakish team and doing that in Turkey albeit against a poor Bursaspor could still be risky. May have to look elsewhere. Barca and Valencia look tempting. We'll see what happens. Lets hope the next post is more good news! Good luck!