Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I dont like cricket....

Everything going well in the €100 challenge all things considered. Only one thing has tripped me up and that is my disastrous flutters on T20 cricket... Its impossible to describe the relationship I have with cricket and T20 in particular. Its like walking into a restaurant and seeing a very expensive piece of cake. The cake looks nice to eat but I know that deep down I wont enjoy eating it, it will give me diarrhoea and I will probably end up going to the doctor and forking out on medical bills so best off to just have a sausage roll instead but I still cant help but taste a bit of the cake because everyone else seems to be enjoying eating it! I've had 29 bets since starting the challenge. 27 were winners. 2 were losers. Both losers were the 2 cricket bets I've had. The screen shot represents the full challenge to date!

In fairness to me, a number 10 hitting the last ball for 6 is slightly unfortunate and the Windies cocked things up yesterday as well but T20 is just not for me. I never feel like I have any control at all whereas with football or tennis I feel like I have a better chance of knowing what the market is going to do. I could see why people do so well from it though. The market was moving every single ball during yesterdays match and there always seems to be an over reaction after a wicket falls which is playing into traders hands surely?? Windies were sub 1.2 when ashraful went but Rahim was the key man anyway. If the market is surprised that Ashraful gives his wicket away then it really hasnt seen Ashraful play at all has it?? Not that Im much better because I lost as well but I learnt quite a bit just sitting at work watching the market move. Interesting stuff.

If Im allowed to complain about bad luck in the cricket then surely I have to acknowledge good luck as well. I layed Armenia last night for a liablity of around 580! Their keeper gets wrongly sent off, they score a tragic own goal, their new keeper makes a silly mistake and Ireland still were outplayed for most of the match! If it stays 11 v 11 Armenia win that match without a doubt imo. By far the classier outfit while Ireland as much as I hate to say it are bloody cack. Only looked slightly better when Walters, Fahey and Hunt came on but still it wasnt exactly like watching Barcelona was it?? Oh well. I'll take my win and thats that!

Been following my gut in the tennis and its paying off nicely. Made a handy few quid on Murray last week. He looked sensational to be honest. Im not a Murray fan whatsoever and when it comes to grand slams he is the fourth best player in the world but when he's in that kind of form in 3 set matches he can beat the lot and you just need to get as much as you can on him because when he's hot he's shit hot. Anderson (who is always worth a back) and Ferrer also got me nice wins and Im really enjoying watching an in form Ferrero! Love that guy... Alot of value on Berdych these days as well now that he finally seems to remember how well he can actually play.

Off to London next week for my first work trip to talk about the company at an event... Nervous times. 1.2 that some banker asshole will ask me a question about data management that I wont be able to answer and I end up running out of the building...

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