Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy November!

Howdy doody to everyone out there! Its been a tough few weeks hence the lack of blogging. Unfortunately I had to fork out on major repairs on my car so had to withdraw the €700 I had built up in the challenge. Also I've started travelling from Galway to Dublin for work on the bus every single day as I havent been able to find a new place to live since leaving the ex! And that thing called work gets in the way of all the fun of everything but I've just been told I got a 20% pay increase so happy days! All that effort has finally paid off....

Last weekend was a perfect time to start betting again. Just got paid, the break did me good and I thought I would be in a good frame of mind and had no distractions whatsoever! So it was quite a comedown when the second bet of the weekend did my bloody nuts in! Im usually not a bet on a match when its nearly over type of guy. Nearly all my match odds bets are placed pre match and the odd one at half time. I think sometimes betting in play can be affected by the adrenaline of it all and the "oh well they definitely wont lose now" bullshit thoughts that enter your head. Whereas pre match Im far more relaxed and thoughts are more clear. Note to self: If I want an adrenaline rush, jump out of a plane... It was slightly unlucky though. I mean literally 30 seconds after my bet was placed, JT fell on his arse and RVP was through. Im not one to usually stand up for JT and I think the guy is scum but the backpass was awful by Malouda. Even if JT didnt fall (or dive and pretend he slipped as a few conspiracy theorists stated after the match) RVP was getting there anyway imo!

So a slight rescue mission was required. There is literally nothing more annoying then when you take a break, come back and then lose straight away. So I had to work really hard over Saturday and Sunday to make it up and thankfully I did. Barca -1, City to win, correct score trades in Spain and Italy and of course Spurs to beat QPR. Really enjoyed that one. Alot of clever folks saying Spurs were too short on the BF forum... There isnt a more balanced midfield in the PL at the moment than Bale, Parker, Modric and Lennon. Reminds me of the Giggs, Keane, Scholes and Beckham midfield of 99. The enforcer, creator and the width. Its such a simple game when you can put together a 4 man midfield like that! And Spurs can beat anyone at the Lane when they're in that kind of form.

Been playing it nice and simple with the Champions League as well. Not sure I will have a bet on the last 2 match days. Most teams really have nothing to play for but knowing me I will probably be tempted by something. I also had my first X Factor bet on Sunday. Now usually I wouldnt but Sophie to go was basically free money imo (and I hate that phrase!). Louis was definitely going to boot her out as the night before he said she was like a secretary who sang at weekends, not that theres anything wrong with that! And Kelly was always gonna save her precious Misha B so I just needed one of the other judges to give her the boot and Tulissa did and Barlow said he was going to do the same. Boom! 17 majestic euro thanks to a lack of a social life at weekends. LIVING. THE. DREAM.


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  3. It was slightly unlucky though. I mean literally 30 seconds after my bet was placed, JT fell on his arse and RVP was through. 6 months industrial training in Chandigarh